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🔎 Discovering Bricks

🚀 Overview

There are two main ways to discover new bricks available on BrichHub:

  1. The
  2. The search command via mason_cli

To discover new bricks via the BrickHub website, head over to Enter a search term in the search bar to narrow your search or leave it blank to search for top bricks.


You can also sort results by popularity (number of downloads) or by when they were last updated.

You can also search for bricks from the comfort of your terminal via the mason_cli. A full text search is performed and results are sorted by popularity (number of downloads).

To get started, use the search command followed by a search term:

mason search widgetbook
✓ Found 2 bricks. (0.7s)
widgetbook_starter v0.1.0+1
A brick to setup widgetbook for a Flutter app.
widgetbook_app v0.1.0+1
A brick to simplify the setup of a Widgetbook Flutter app when working with packages and mono-repos.