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☁️ Publishing a Brick

🚀 Overview

Publishing bricks on BrickHub makes them available for use by anyone.

Publishing a brick is free and available to anyone with an account on


Anyone can use bricks published on BrickHub but a verified account is required in order to publish bricks on BrickHub.

✍️ Signing Up

Please follow these steps in order to create an account on BrickHub:

  1. 🙋 Request access at
  2. 📬 Receive email invite
  3. ✍️ Sign up at
  4. 📧 Verify email

🔐 Logging In

Once you have signed up and verified your account, you can login via the login command:

mason login
password: ******
✓ Logged into (0.5s)
You are now logged in as <>

📦 Publishing

Once you are logged into an account, you can publish bricks via the publish command:

mason publish --directory ./my_brick
Do you want to publish my_brick 0.1.0+1? (y/N) y
✓ Bundled my_brick (0.1s)
✓ Published my_brick to (0.1s)

If the --directory option is not specified, the current directory will be used by default.

🚪 Logging Out

If you wish to log out of your account, you can do so via the logout command.

mason logout
✓ Logged out of (3ms)