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📁 Initializing Mason CLI

Once mason_cli is installed, we can use the init command to initialize mason in the current directory. This will generate a mason.yaml and allow mason to work with bricks scoped locally within the workspace.


By default, mason will always use the nearest parent mason.yaml.

mason init

Once we run, mason init, we should have a mason.yaml that looks something like:

# Register bricks which can be consumed via the Mason CLI.
# Run "mason get" to install all registered bricks.
# To learn more, visit
# Bricks can be imported via version constraint from a registry.
# Uncomment the following line to import the "hello" brick from BrickHub.
# hello: 0.1.0+1
# Bricks can also be imported via remote git url.
# Uncomment the following lines to import the "widget" brick from git.
# widget:
# git:
# url:
# path: bricks/widget